For someone who has spent years writing to strangers on the internet, you’d think I’ve grown accustomed to introductions…but they still prove to be arduous even after all this time. What is an introduction? The definition can certainly be different for many people. I like to think of introductions as warm, quite like a cup of coffee steaming on the table of a crowded coffee shop. Others think of sweaty handshakes and the eyes of a teacher burning into their backs on the first day of class. How does one even introduce herself to people she’s never met and probably will never see? It’s simple actually… none of what I mentioned earlier really matters. It doesn’t matter if you’ve changed so much you barely recognize yourself in the mirror. It doesn’t matter if you liked the color blue for your entire life and then wake up with a need for everything you own to be emerald green. No one is really keeping track of any of this and the beauty of starting over is no one really knows you’re starting over. Today could be my absolute very first day of blogging(it certainly isn’t but you wouldn’t know that until I told you, now would you?) There are honestly a million and one chances for you to do something different and no one really cares how often you change your hair and how many books you decide to bring home from the library(do people still go to the library? That’s a question for another time I suppose). What really matters is not how you live your life…but why. I challenge you, whoever is reading this to not let others get the best of you. Don’t be afraid of changing your mind even if you have lived a certain way for so long. Take my words as a sign to dye your hair the color you’ve been dreaming of, or starting those music lessons. Whatever it may be, go and do it and don’t look back.

You can read my formal introduction here (surprised? You shouldn’t be… the point of this post and this website is inspirational, I am simply here as your guide to help you tap into your creative potential, everything that’s been there all along. So feel free to click the link and read about me if you wish, and I’ll see you later for another post…I have some magic brewing behind the scenes and I’m excited to share it with you)

very soon.



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