A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas Review *Spoiler Free*

After staying up all last night to finish the first book in the ACOTAR series by Sarah J. Mass , I had to post my review to share my thoughts!

Let me tell you this book was a whirlwind…at first I almost thought I was going to DNF because I wasn’t into the first few chapters but my goodness am I glad I kept reading! I fell hard for the characters, the plot, the dialogue. I think Mass did an amazing job crafting the faerie world of Prythian. This is the first “faerie” book I’ve read and it will certainly not be my last.

The romance in this book is slow build, so if you are a fan of “slow burn romances” like me I think you’ll like this book! I’m not a fan of characters falling in love within the first pages and rather prefer for them to get to know each other as they discover themselves. Feyre and Tamlin’s relationship in this novel is so complex, and without diving to far into the plot(this is spoiler free after all) I found myself rooting for them long after I finished the novel.

Despite being the youngest of her family, Feyre was in charge of securing her family’s livelihood. She was the hunter of the family and I admired her strength as I got to know her through every chapter. At times I wished she stood her ground more with her family, but as I reached the end I realized how she was treated by them shaped her into a powerful, bada** heroine!

Overall, I enjoyed this novel and have been eagerly searching for the sequel. Comment down below if you’ve read the ACOTAR series and who your favorite character is! I hope you all enjoyed this review and please feel free to DM me on any of my social media if you decide to add this to your TBR.

With Love & Magic,


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