*Spoiler Free* Review of Fable by Adrienne Young

I can’t even tell you excited I am to be writing this review. Fable was is probably joining a the list of the best books I’ve read in 2021 so far. Adrienne Young’s writing is so exquisite and I found myself quickly becoming lost as I dived into the story. Click the link below to read a quick synopsis and let’s get into the review!(Also the kindle version is only 2.99 on Amazon right now, so if you’re interested in picking this up go and get it before the price goes back up!)

Initial Thoughts

From reading the description I expected some sort of pirate story. If you read my articles on Paperback Paris, you’ll know I actually included this book in anticipated YA Release a few months back. I didn’t have too many expectations for this, it wasn’t all over my bookish social media accounts. I actually think this made me appreciate this even more because I got to read it for what it was and gather my own opinions on the story, characters, etc. One thing I dislike about social media is that sometimes books are over discussed and it feels like I know everything before I even open the book. I like going into a book without knowing too much about it.

My Favorite Parts

  • World building: I won’t dive too deep in this because I don’t want to spoil anything, but they way Young crafted the pirate world in this book was so descriptive. I become invested in the world of dredgers, captains, jewels, and ships. I personally think it takes a lot of creativity to craft a world with its own language and terms.
  • Light Romance: I am an avid YA reader that sometimes dabbles in Adult fiction(I.E ACOTAR) but this is the reason why I enjoy YA. I feel like heavy romance can affect how I view the plot and really detach myself from the characters. The romance in this book is slow building and doesn’t interfere with plot too intensely which I enjoyed.
  • Chosen Family: The chosen family trope is one of my absolute favorites! I love reading novels when characters decide to lean on there friends when family disappoints them, because I believe family doesn’t have to solely be tied to your blood.
  • Enemies to Lovers: There was a *slight* hint of enemies to lovers in this novel, although I won’t specify the characters involved. I can’t really speak upon this until I’ve read the second book but I did enjoy seeing the progression in this novel between the two characters. For some reason these sorts of relationships are always more interesting to read about(Comment down below if you can relate)

Overall Thoughts

My Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. It was a fairly short read, so I was able to finish it in an afternoon. If you are interested in the following, you should definitely add Fable to your TBR:

Aesthetic: Piratecore & Oceancore

Music: Hozier, The Lumineers, Vance Joy

Movies: The Pirates of The Caribbean Series, Sinbad, Moana

The second book, Namesake comes out March 16th, and I’m excited to see where Young takes the story! I hope you guys enjoyed today’s review and I’ll see you soon with more bookish content!

With Love & Magic,


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