The Reason I Fell in Love with Reading: Thank You Mom

Today’s post is dedicated to my amazing mom. As an avid reader and aspiring author, I have been asked numerous times how I came to love literature. My mom has to be one of the top reasons I have such a strong passion for reading. Growing up my mom was always reading. She would borrow books from friends and I listened to her read chapters of Narnia among other books as a child. The phrase “just one more chapter” would often pass on my lips as she closed the book before letting me fall asleep. She always encouraged trips to the library, and I distinctly remember the first time she caught me staying up late reading. I was scolded but also saw the happiness in her eyes. Even though I would certainly be a chore to wake up for school the next day, I think she knew her passion for reading had rubbed off on me. Stories quickly flooded my life and were the cause of inspiration for the writing I create today. I spent copious hours in the library throughout school and eventually worked in my college library for 3 years before graduating- with an English major of course(some would say it was quite fitting). I have blessed to say I have a close relationship to my mom and we’ve only grown closer since I graduated college. I am lucky to be able to live with my parents during this time and although I plan on moving out soon(another blessing from God) I always enjoy talking about my latest read with her. She always listens, makes sure to ask questions about the plot. I wonder if she sees herself, the light in my eyes similar to her as she was reading when I was a child. My hope is to have children one day and my greatest wish is to pass on my love for reading to them as my mother did for me. I have nearly 100 books stacked around my room. Sometimes I wonder if I would have loved books as much as I do know if my mom didn’t care for them. I’d like to think I still would- but nonetheless I have to thank my mom for starting the passion that is the forefront of my life to this day…and hopefully will be the focus of my career. You can bet one of my future novels will have her name gracing the dedication page! I love you so much mom and I have you have a fantastic birthday.



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