About Me


My name is Jasmine and I have a passion for writing and reading. Some may say I am an old soul but I like the term romantic. Not necessarily in the literal sense but in the sense that I like romanticizing my life. From little rituals like making a matcha latte in the morning or journaling in bed late at night, I like imagining myself to be in a fairytale one where anything is possible. I think our world would do a lot better having this mindset. I’m not asking everyone to don a pair of rose-colored glasses but creativity could do us all some good- especially in recent times. She’s Well-Read is a creative “safe haven” of sorts. It’s a place I hope fellow creatives or individuals who are curious about creativity with gather to gain inspiration for their projects and go on to create amazing things. If you decide to stay and read- great I’m glad to have you here. If not, I thank you for stopping by and if you wouldn’t mind sharing this with someone you think might like it, I would very much appreciate it.