The Survivors By Jane Harper Review

Before I start this review I want to mention that this post is not sponsored by BOTM. I pay for their subscription with my own money and have chosen ‘The Survivors’ for January’s book! Check out their website here if you’re interested.

‘The Survivors’ is the first novel I have read by Jane Harper, but the excerpt I read on BOTM’s website really intrigued me. Here is a quick excerpt:

Kieran Elliot returns to the seaside town he grew up and is constantly reminded up the tragedy that killed his brother- something he blames himself for everyday. As he reunites with friends and family, another tragedy strikes which slowly uncovers secrets long buried in the past.

The book opens with Kieran returning to his home town and within the first few chapters it is revealed that he is responsible for the tragedy that killed his and his best friend’s brother. After learning this I assumed that the rest of the novel must be a redemption story, but as information was revealed throughout the novel I quickly learned this wasn’t the case. Harper framed this novel like a puzzle, each character having something to do with what really happened that day. The writing is this was atmospheric and I could picture the scenery clearly in my head.

Grief is an emotion that can difficult to portray especially in fiction novels such as these, but I found Harper’s portrayal to be raw and authentic. Kieran was the main character we saw that experienced grief, but it was also seen in his friends and family. This allowed the audience to see how different people experience grief which offers a deeper understanding of the emotion itself.

If you’re looking for a thriller read with a little more substance, I highly suggest picking this novel up. I hope you all enjoyed my first book review and I will see you soon for my next review!

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